Teknomak was founded in 1993 by Fevzi Yilmaz. All kinds of clothing and home textiles, machinery sales and service in the fields of automation systems and also on the machine, the company that makes the machine has been supplying both domestic and abroad. Importers in the domestic supply of machinery abroad, Italy, China, Taiwan companies are met.

Machinery companies sold jeans, cotton, leather, home textile manufacturing companies. On the machines supplied to customer requirements and system automation work is done. The goal is by using low-volume machine both the machine and the cost of labor by reducing errors, wastage, faster, and more to make volume production.

Produced by speeding up R & D activities abroad, the company marketing automation, is committed to providing foreign exchange. TSE services and fields of activity of our company is ISO 9001 certified;

Apparel imports of sewing machines, purchase and sale of the domestic market.

Machines sold service, maintenance and spare parts supply.

Manufacture of all kinds of varieties of apparatus.

Producing sewing machines and automation systems to enable the machine to work more efficiently at less cost.